The A Level Course

This course explores the science of the mind and behaviour – how do people behave and how do their minds work? Driven by the debate of nature vs nurture, the course explores the influence of our genetics, society, learning experiences and cognitive abilities on our memory, fears, obedience, speech, choices and mental health. Second year options apply this knowledge to either the understanding of crime, health, drug abuse or child development.
Are you interested in…
Human behaviour and how it is influenced?
Discovering how psychological experiments are conducted?
Leading to opportunities in…
Sport psychology
Forensic psychology
Health care
Research and Education
At Simon Balle School we follow the Edexcel Psychology A level course (AS – 8PS01, A2 – 9PS01). During the AS year we will study some of the fundamental approaches to Psychology, looking at Social, Cognitive, Psychodynamic, Biological and Behaviourist views on how our behaviour is shaped.
In the A2 year we will study some of the applications of these approaches. How are these ideas and theories applied to Criminal Psychology, Health Psychology, Child Psychology, Sport Psychology and Clinical Psychology.
You can access the edexcel website here:
And a quick view specification overview for the AS component of the course here:
We require GCSE grades B in Maths & Science to ensure that students have the relevant knowledge, experience and understanding to study Psychology at A level. A good GCSE in English is also preferred as this is an essay based A level.