Key issues

This page contains links to discussions about the key issues facing Psychology today, they will be based around the Key issues that students will have to discuss in their exams but will allow public discussion.

You must be logged into a facebook, twitter or account to comment though guest posting will be allowed (no log in) if there is demand.

For exams students will be required to explain what the issue is, why it is an issue for society, explanations and ways to counter the issues.

Key issues
Social approach
Football hooliganism.
Cognitive approach
How effective is eyewitness testimony?
Psychodynamic approach
Do dreams have meaning?
Biological approach
Is Autism an extreme male brain condition?
Learning approach
The prevalence of anorexia and size zero models.
Criminological application
Are criminals born or made?
Child application
Day care: Good or bad for child development?
Clinical application
Understanding schizophrenia.

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