Welcome to the Simon Balle School Psychology department website

Welcome to the website for the Psychology department at SBS.

Browse the website to look at the course we follow at Simon Balle including specification overviews to allow you to see the content of the different units we study as well as a flavour of the experiments the students undertake throughout the year.

Students can find links to relevant information and issues well as their homework (on the right hand side) and a space to discuss they key issues they will study this year.

Current news articles will be posted on the front page that are either related to the course or are interesting reading for anyone studying psychology or considering studying it with us in the future.

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter for homework and articles of interest for budding Psychologists!

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Year 12 Evidence of practice

It is almost time to award the coveted Social and Cognitive EOP trophies!

Research conducted by our Year 12 psychologists into Prejudice (social) and Memory (cognitive) are being assessed and the best will be posted on the blog for all to see along with results and conclusions.

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Maternity rights – a history

This is a timeline which puts maternity leave legislation into context – very useful when looking at attachment theory and thinking about the impact that Psychologists such as Bowlby had in his day.




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Autism – behavior and outcomes, a very touching example

Take a look at this video on Youtube.

 This is a very real case of how Autism can impact on development, and how effective therapy; much of which is only available in the USA, can change a family’s life.

It’s a bit of an emotional one though – be warned.

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Sexual ‘conversion’ therapy unethical, pscyhotherapists told

Psychotherapists have been told by their biggest professional body that it is unethical for them to try to “convert” people from being gay to straight.

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy has written to its members, who number nearly 30,000, to inform them of new guidelines.

The BACP “opposes any psychological treatment such as ‘reparative’ or ‘conversion’ therapy which is based upon the assumption that homosexuality is a mental disorder, or based on the premise that the client/patient should change his/her sexuality,” the letter says.

It ends: “There is no scientific, rational or ethical reason to treat people who identify within a range of human sexualities any differently from those who identify solely as heterosexual.”

Read the rest of the article here 

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Football Hooliganism during the 1998 World Cup

Does Social Identity Theory add to our understanding of Football Hooliganism?

Does the image of British fans serve to perpetuate the violence?

Read this journal article containing research into the matter. A good chance to see how academic papers are formatted and to consider the use of surveys in Social Psychology


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Is the media causing criminal behaviour?

It’s the big debate in Criminological Psychology, do children imitate the bad behaviour of role models on TV. Whilst the Russian Government seem to think so they have relented on one children’s character, the wolf from ‘Nu Pogodi’.

Read more about the story here:



What do you think? Is it because he is not deemed a ‘role model’; as he is the bad guy? And if so why do Itchy and Scratchy have to change?

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A2 Evidence of practice source

Here is a link to a youtube channel that has the video from Horizon: Are you good or evil.

You need to watch this video in your own time (it will be set as a homework) in preparation for completing the evidence of practice.
The documentary is in 6 parts and you will need to watch all of them.


Here is an article on Oxytocin from Ed Yong looking at the bias in Paul Zak’s research.

Here is Ed Yong’s twitter rant about it.

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The Media on Trial

Year 13 have made an outstanding start to the year, independently researching and planning arguments for a court case which high standards of analysis, evidence, witnesses, arguments and drama usually seen in the Old Bailey.

The prosecution were arguing that the media

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causes violent criminal behaviour, the defence based the majority of their argument around biological explanations of this same behaviour.

The judge found in favour of the prosecution in both cases.

A summary of the arguments can be found on Isthemediatoblamefromcreatingcriminalsinoursociety

What do you think?

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Independent work in Psychology – The Secret History of the Brain – Mind Control

Click here for the link to the Secret History of Mind Control. An interesting documentary which puts much of what we study in the A Level course – at AS and A2 into context:


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Film Club is back!

So it’s back, and we’re starting with a powerful film which addresses the main key issue from the Criminological Approach – is a criminal Born or Made?

So join us – bring snacks – we’ll watch and analyse ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’.


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